Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sleepless in Tennessee

Well tonight we are up watching WALL E. Brody went to bed at his usual time of 7:30 and now we are awake. Instead of crying, we are up watching TV. Everyone except me and Brody are asleep. The kids and Bubba are all out of school tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday. Only I have to work and I am the one still wide awake. I may go to bed on the couch tonight if Brody is happier watching TV than sleeping. I am off this weekend to find some Melatonin as some of you suggested. The only way I have success with medicine for Brody is with a suppository though. Does anyone know if this medication is made in that form?
We have met online another child with FX that has a service dog. We are so excited to get to know the family. They are moving to Tennessee next year and we can't wait. We go back to our trainer in January to be re-certified. Millo is an awesome dog and they may do a story on us in the FX Quarterly.
Brody is non-verbal, in diapers, will be six in May, cute as a bug, and very happy. Is anyone older than Brody and still not talking? or in diapers? Brody is very social and loves to hug and kiss.


Anonymous said...

Mat was in diapers until he was about 8. I finally said enough and started working with underwear and putting him on the potty every 2-3 hours.

The Other Lion said...

I put the tablet on a spoon with water and let it dissolve. Then I let him have a drink and an M&M because it tastes awful, but Punkin is very good about taking medication. Maybe your pharmacist would have more ideas.