Friday, November 28, 2008

Late night shopping

Well if you are the parent of a exceptional child, you do what you have to do. We went shopping while the kids were asleep from 12:01am to 6:00am and had a blast until we ate at Johnny Rockets and then were exhausted. It was a hard time home and now the hot water is out at the hair salon. Freddy is here fixing it while I catch everyone up on Brody. On Wednesday(our biggest day of the year), we had no receptionist, no assistant and NO HOT WATER!
We found a Disney outlet and an IZOD store to be the best buys at Opry Mills. Brody did fine while we were gone and is very happy today after a full day of family yesterday. We put a small TV in his room last night and it was too much stimulation for a day of transitions. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

omg...i couldn't imagine all that stuff wrong on one day! I"m so sorry :(