Monday, November 24, 2008

Praise God for small blessings..

Brody is too old for the nursery and too young cognitively for the older classes. He smacks his face during praise and worship when the music stops and so church is very hard for him. We have tried wiring the front lobby, but without boundaries that is not working. We tried a babysitter this Sunday which did not work. Brody cried and she cried too. I felt so sorry for her. Change and transition are both hard for Brody. After church on Sunday, the teachers met and have decided to share Brody and let him watch TV in an adjoining class. We are so excited! It will allow us to go and enjoy the fellowship and a little respite. Thank you Lord for the little things.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome that they will do that for you guys :)

brody's mom said...

We have a wonderful church family.