Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's a birthday at our house!

Dear friends and family,
Today is Ian's birthday party for his friends in his classroom. We will celebrate at 2:00 and I am on my way to pick up the cake. He loves spiderman. We moved our whole house around today to accommodate the guests.
We got a new mattress and box springs and will be moving out the old ones ourselves. They charge $25 to do it for us. That spurred a housecleaning like you have never seen. Have you looked under your bed lately? We moved Brody's room a little and the living room is completely different. He has adapted to it well. We brought in his TV from the camper and set it up in his room and he is so happy. He goes in a closes the doors to get a little down time. They are french doors so we can still see him.
Today has been a day of bad diapers and we just changed the fourth dirty one. He has loose movements and my sweet husband has too stuff his nose with tissue in order to change him. He is a gagger like Brody!......
We will put up our tree soon and we will see how it goes this year. We gave our last tree to a church in town because Brody could not tolerate it. It was nine feet tall and had a million lights.
Thanks for reading our blog and pass it on to your friends. Don't forget the jewelry that my husband makes to provide extras for Brody.
Happy Holidays!

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