Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brody's Birthday Bash coming up.........

Dear friends,
Every year we have planned Brody's Birthday Bash to celebrate his life and to remember someone or something that needs a little help. This year we would like to donate to Blessings in a Backpack. It is a wonderful cause that provides food for the weekend for free or reduced price lunch children in the Guntersville Elementary School. Every week we meet on Thursdays and pack over 200 packs for the children to take home. It is hard to believe that some children only have breakfast and lunch to count on for their meals.
Please help us make a difference. It only takes $80.00 to sponsor a child for the whole year and we will be celebrating this on Brody's Birthday May 30. Checks can be made payable to Church at Lake Guntersville with Blessings in a Backpack in the memo line and mailed to me at 1621 Wyeth Drive, Guntersville, AL 35976. All of this I humbly ask in Brody's honor.
Once again we will be sharing Brody's needs for his birthday as well:
Chicken noodle soup
Spaghetti Oh's
Goodnites L-XL
Baby wipes
Snack foods
Gummi bears
This year we are also asking for a stroller for Brody. They cost $1500.00 and we need one for him as he can't walk long distances and I can no longer carry him. We have a wheelchair and a child's push chair which are working in a pinch but with no restraint in one and the other so heavy, only in a pinch. There is also a buddy bike that we would love to have as a family but way out of our price range. I know with the generosity of others and your love and support that this will be the best birthday yet.
Blessings to you and yours for our help.
Wendy Griffin

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