Monday, February 21, 2011

Always an adventure....

When we started this journey our goal was to simplify and enjoy life. You know what, life gets in the way! To do what we want to do makes people think we are crazy and yet we think we know what is best for our family. We don't want to duplicate what we had in Tennessee down here in Alabama. We want less....Brody doesn't mean to but he eventually wears things out. We have always said that if we could have a disposable house that would work just fine. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We have always been in God's hands and have no reason to doubt him now. It would be nice if Ty could come down and build us our little 900 sq ft oasis on the lake.
Keep the faith,

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fragilemom said...

I like the thought of a disposable house. Ours tend to 'wear things out' quite quickly as well. We try not to buy or receive too many toys until the first go-round ends up in the trash. :)