Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pee Pee......

What a good morning this was! Brody pee peed in the potty this morning. We had such a celebration. He woke up with a dry diaper and I knew that I had a small window to get him to the commode. Woo Hoo! He was so proud of himself. I just hope he does it again. PTL
We go meet his new puppy this weekend in Brentwood. It is a girl and we have had fun thinking of names. It will be a chocolate golden doodle.

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Anonymous said...

That's the best feeling, when your little one goes on the potty for the first time. My daughter is almost 5 and she is finally completly potty trained. (she was day time trained when she was 3, but night time took a little longer)

Great blog. Check out mind if you have a chance.

East Coast Snowflake.