Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Improvements galore

Dear friends and family,
Our school system is really trying to step up a notch. They are creating a sensory room and also splitting the CDC classroom into two separate classes. They have hired a behavior therapist and also a new BIT teacher. It is all moving forward under the leadership of Lisa Ventura, Dr. Stan Curtis and Dr. Patsey Thomas.
We are making huge improvements in the special education department. One day at a time and one child at a time...
This week we have the staff Christmas party and next week, we make gingerbread houses. We have all three of their Christmas parties at the same time the third week of December. In addition to all of that, the kids have dental appointments. Brody has had two surgeries already so he has to go and he couldn't be rescheduled until summer.
We bought a swing for our living room last weekend and I can't wait to get it up. It is an EZ chair. Does anyone have an extra net swing that they could sell?
Keep us lifted up during December.

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Anonymous said...

wow...what a crazy month for all of you.