Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The split

Dear friends,
Brody's class is about to be split; something the teachers have wanted for a long time. It will truly be a blessing for the overflowing class to be cut in half. The new teacher is supposed to start after the Thanksgiving holiday. We are so excited and Brody also has a new behavior therapist that is helping him. It is actually his first behavior therapist that helped us when he was with TEIS.
Bubba has to go to the central office tomorrow and fill out paperwork I think. He loves his job in the BITE program in the special ed department. Everyday he feels like he learns something that will help Brody in the long run.
I am the vice chair on the Child Development Center here in town and we desperately need more wisdom to make the right choices for the center. Please continue to keep us lifted up in prayer.
Brody is turning off lights when he leaves the room and putting himself to bed these days. Praises!


Sarah said...

Great news about Brody's class becoming smaller and yay for brody for turning off lights and putting himself to bed!

Anonymous said...

hooray for turning off lights and putting himself to bed. that is too cool. the smaller classes will be good for him :)