Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Should I write a book and then, what should the title be?

Dear friends and family,
Many people tell me that I should write a book and tell "my story".  I have lived a lot in my 47 years here on earth.  I have had big, small, good, bad, happy, sad and everything in between but I have never had TIME like I do now. It is a gift like no other.  We have worked our lifestyle so that we could take better care of Brody but in turn it has allowed me to take better care of my whole family.  I can cook breakfast before school, volunteer at the school and Blessings in a Backpack, go to church, have a bible study group, go to the camper on weekends, ride my bike, walk with a friend, visit family, maintain friendships, be a girlfriend and wife to Bubba all while working a full time job.
I am blessed to know the difference between existing and living............!  Thank you Jesus for your presence in my life.
All my love,

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