Friday, August 23, 2013

The first week.......

Dear friends and family,
This week has overall been GREAT!  Brody has done well at school.  Ian and Atlee are loving 5th grade.  Atlee got to see a snake eat a mouse and Ian will soon.  They have really enjoyed reading this year and I actually volunteered at their library this week.  I will be going every Wednesday morning to volunteer for the school year.  We have elected to pick up the children every day after school and to take them in the mornings.  We are loving that!  It allows us to sleep in just a little bit longer.  The school bus is very educational and we were done with that. 
Weekends we are still enjoying the camper and riding bikes and swimming.  We have been attending our sunday school class and Brody has done well by himself in class with Wi-Fi and his I pad. 


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