Saturday, August 17, 2013

Compassion for Mr. LaRue

Dear friends and family,
Today will be long remembered.  At the shop, I looked up to see an old gentleman who appeared to be in distress.  My friend went on the front porch and heard him screaming, "Please Help!"
I immediately called 911 and got the city police on the phone.  They were here quick and in the meantime we got him a chair to sit in and a cup of coffee.  He was in a bathrobe and had bare feet.  His hair and beard were unkept and his hygiene was not so good.  He thoughts were a little scattered as he told us the county police picked him up last night and he didn't know what for.  They released him and sent him out the door.  He told us that he was going to cross the road and get up to the main street to get help. 
Keep in mind as I tell this story that he was born in 1931, served in the Army and worked at TVA most of his life as a welder, and had one son. 
Regardless of what he had done, what the charges were, he was first a child of God, a husband, father, brother and grandfather.  Where is our compassion for the elderly?
I am forever grateful that I have a father in heaven that loves me unconditionally and knows me by name because so many people have forgotten that people like Mr. LaRue have a name. I asked him if I could pray with him and did so before I had to leave.  He had tears in his eyes when we left and thanked us for helping him.  He said you don't know how many old people are taken advantage of. 
I ask you to please pray for his situation and the community in which we live.  He needs our help and I am sure so many others do too.

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