Thursday, August 30, 2012

The latest.......

 This is a new Lucky Buck Jewelry piece made with watermelon jasper and below is the a new necklace made with jasper and a cameo.
 We recently went to Fyffe, Alabama for a festival and the kids had a great time.  Ian and Atlee are in the bubbles and Brody wanted to go so bad.  I wasn't sure if he wanted to play in the water or get in the bubble. 
 We were recently blessed with tickets to the Alabama football game.  We still don't know who gave them to us.  Cool........
 We made a music video of Atlee the other day and I got this great shot of Ian at the harbor.
 Brody's new favorite food.  Pasta salad.  That child loves to eat.  At school yesterday they asked me what I wanted to do about when he finished eating, he signed "more".  I said feed him more and let me pay for a double lunch.  That boy is hungry!
 Atlee finally beginning to believe in herself and dressing to show it.  She is such a beautiful girl.

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