Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

We absolutely had the best Easter ever!  We started out the day headed to the flea market at Mountain Top but it was raining. We headed on over to Piedmont to The Learning Tree to meet up with Brody and his caregiver Dalton. There are three boys and their caregivers on Saturday and Sunday during the day at the group home. They work 15 hour shifts and are great to the boys. Denzel is about 7 feet tall with dreads and we asked him to dunk the basketball for Atlee and she was so excited.  He is the caregiver for Camen and he is awesome. Teno was chasing Hunter(with a cast/book on) all over the place. He is a great guy with a mouth full of metal and always a great smile. 
We took Brody and Dalton to a sweet church just down the road called New Hopewell Baptist.  Ian and Atlee loved Dalton and I loved Dalton with Brody. They had an amazing chemistry. He was very attentive and had m&m's, orange juice and an extra iPad if needed. We made it through the the church service like a champ and everyone was so kind to us. They invited us back to visit again. 
We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and it was delicious. Brody used his iPad to tell Dalton what he wanted. That was way cool. He was slow and steady and did not overeat. Because he was perfect, he was awarded his iPad after lunch. We drove on back and Brody hopped in bed and waved us by. It really doesn't get any better than that.  They ALL love him! 

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