Thursday, August 30, 2012

September is Scottsboro First Monday Trade Days

Dear friends and family,
This weekend someone will be getting Lucky.  Lucky Buck Jewelry that is.  Bubba has been working very hard on his designs and has several new ones to show you at his show this weekend.  We will be there on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Please take time to come out and support the local artists and small businesses. 

All is well in our little world and we are so blessed.  Someone surprised us with complimentary Alabama game tickets for the second game.  We are so excited.  Kids are ecstatic with their teachers and school.  Brody is with them now and they love it!  They get a chance to see him at breakfast everyday. 

Blessings in a backpack starts this next week.  We have an announcement going in the Advertiser Gleam this week and several volunteers have stepped up to help in the planning stages.  We have secured funding to do over 950 (Asbury, CES and GES) now and adding 350 (Grant) in January.  Our next goal then will be to do Douglas.

I have made many great friends here over the last 2 1/2 years but I got a little homesick for the first time this week.  I need to see my grown children and spend some time with my friends.  We planned a trip home just before Thanksgiving and that should help.  One friend is coming this weekend, one is coming next weekend and two of my other best friends called this week.  SMILE:)  Bubba heard from his best friend too this week and that made our week complete and it is only Thursday. 

Our church family is amazing and we are beginning to get plugged back in and are just awaiting what to do with Brody on Sunday mornings.  His Sunday morning angel has moved to Birmingham and we are taking turns getting to go to church. 

Life is a journey, enjoy every minute as we don't get a second chance on today.

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