Sunday, October 23, 2011 favorite month of the year!

Dear friends and family,

This month is going by so fast. We just spent a long weekend with our Amish friends and the kids had a blast. We had so much good food and fun with Ken and Colleen. They have six children now and they own a party supply business. Good times to be had with all.

Shipshewana, Indiana is a breath of fresh air and good for the soul. No electricity, no TV and no Internet for awhile was refreshing. We tried all of Colleen's great recipes and even ate out a couple of times. The kids played on the wiggle racers, roller blades and took the pony and cart for a ride.

I have developed something called Uticaria over the last several weeks and I would ask for your prayers. It has been difficult with my eyes swelling to see and function 100%. I am on Prednisone, Pepcid and Zyrtec. I went to a doctor that only sees patients without insurance and for $58 I had an office visit and left with three prescriptions. It was so easy and unexpected. I usually have to pay $125 up front just to see the Dr. I may have to drive back to Shipshewana again! I am so much better but still not able to stop taking the medication.

Two of the sweetest things happened this weekend......last night Brody covered me up with his Toy Story blanket and tonight he tapped the bed for Ian to come sleep with him. Sweet child he is.

Curls and Pearls will open on January 3rd at 502 Blount Ave., Guntersville, AL 35976. Our new number will be 256.960.1575. We are so excited about getting to work together and look forward to meeting so many new people. Let the Griffin Adventures begin......

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