Saturday, October 1, 2011

October is our favorite time of year....

Dear friends and family,
Brody is doing well and survived a fire ant hill today! If only he could talk. We are so excited about his progress at school and he is continuing to improve daily. Ian and Atlee are in the same room at school this year and they love their teacher. We will also put them together in fourth grade if things continue to be as good as they are now.

Bubba had his best ever show today in Oxford, Alabama. We were well pleased and plan to go back next year. We hope to add Marietta Georgia to the list for next May or October and also maybe the Hannah Market in Oxford. We got an invitation to do a show at the Von Braun Civic Center today. Lucky Buck Jewelry is skyrocketing. Bubba is so talented and I hope he is discovered by someone famous or someone capable of showing the world his talents.

My career in Guntersville has boomed. I never dreamed all the new relationships we were to make would be by divine appointment. I continue to coach and council friends, clients and family while they are in my chair and I love that the words I say are not my own but from the holy spirit. The salon in which I work is for sale and I think the sign goes up this week.

Please continue to pray for our Griffin Adventures. We are having the time of our life.
Ian's interests are LEGO'S and Star Wars and Atlee is motivated by cooking and journaling. Brody still loves toy story and me and Bubba love each other. God has blessed our marriage and given us amazing children. Fred and Sabrina are both doing good and I will see them next weekend. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful October. Friend us on facebook or look us up on Lucky Buck Jewelry for all your shopping needs. We will be in Lewisburg, Tennessee for the Goats, Music and More Festival starting Friday of this week. Come see us.

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