Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sleepy Brody

Today we had our Thanksgiving dinner at church and it was a huge success. We had the nursery today and Brody did well. He has been exhausted with the time change and hasn't caught up yet. This afternoon I put him down and he has been asleep since 3:30. We may be in trouble. I just hope that he can sleep through the night.
Last night was Bubba's birthday celebration at Olive Garden and Carmike Cinemas. We went to see Madagascar 2 and it was great. The kids loved it. Brody stayed at home with his behavior therapist and did some work because he typically goes to bed routinely at 7:30.
He was able to chew his food and clear his mouth before receiving another bite successfully last night. He is an over stuffer and big eater. He ate my leftovers from Olive Garden and two plates of mac and cheese for lunch today. I will wake him up and change his diaper before I go to bed and pray for a long night of sleep.

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Vicki Davis said...

That is really great that his Therapist will stay with him, and work with him and give you a break.. Its great that he is doing better with eating.