Sunday, March 7, 2010

Millo and Brody

Dear friends,
This has been one kind of week. We have been blessed with safety. Millo is truly the best thing that ever happened to Brody.
The pastor's wife at church asked today if she could teach Brody sign language on Sundays. Woo Hoo! God is good ALL THE TIME.
Atlee and Brody have been a little sick and I would ask all our friends to pray for us.
Don't forget that the Fragile X Clinic will be opening back up at Vanderbilt soon. I will post as soon as I know.
Brody's Birthday Bash will be held at Rock Creek Park on May 30th at 2:00. Mammoth Jack will be playing and we will be having BBQ. It will be a fundraising event for the Child Development Center in Lewisburg.

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