Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fast asleep....

Dear friends,
We have recently decided to start the new year off healthy and lose some weight. Bubba has lost 26 pounds and I have lost 13 so far. We are eating turkey, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, plenty of fruit, whole wheat bread and no SUNDROP. It has been relatively easy considering all the temptations. We plan on it just being a lifestyle change instead of a diet.
Atlee, Ian and Brody all love to eat healthy, so it works for all of us. Brody has changed from spaghetti oh's to progresso chicken noodle soup and we are so happy! He is doing well in school and has adjusted to the new house very well. He likes his bedroom and the comfort of the living room. Ian is behaving in school and was very excited about today getting to do "two centers". Atlee is busy being social.
We are having the spring fling spaghetti supper on April 30th at their school and then it will be time for Brody's Birthday Bash on May 30th. We are having it in Rock Creek Park and we expect over 500 people. Check out his facebook fan page, "Who's Brody?"
Life is good and God is great!

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