Friday, May 12, 2017

Hand tailored blessings

 I wanted to catch everyone up on the Griffin family.,... it has been awhile since I've written. I read in my Jesus Calling that God gives us "hand tailored blessings".  When we are down and out, we forget to look up and ask how can this situation can honor God? It's these perfectly timed events that make us stronger in our faith. 
I recently went to Chicago to see a surgeon that specializes in Achalasia. A friend went with me to share the expenses and lessen them for me which was appreciated. . When we arrived at our hotel, the clerk said she had upgraded us to a bigger room. The doctors office was within walking distance of our hotel and I didn't have to pay any copay at my appointment. I was worked in for a barium swallow and they treated me like the "stat" on my paperwork made me out to be a rockstar. 
The doctor himself walked me down to get a barium swallow and then said he would follow up in a week. 

I was so anxious about the trip until I realized everything was "hand tailored" for me. God's favor is real and he definitely shared it with me during that trip. I will get a call next week and then we will plan the manometry, endoscope and POEM surgery later this summer. We have to get insurance to approve. 

It was really quite an incredible day. I feel hope again....

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