Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas party, Dentist and New Babysitter all in one day!

Do you think that might be too much for Brody? Well, he woke up at 3 a.m. and we watched TV and ate cereal. I tried to cat nap while we rocked. We attended his school open house Christmas party this morning and then I checked out all three kids to go to the dentist. Wow! Brody has three explosive diapers before we even left school, with one needing to change clothes and launder them. We made it to the dentist only to change two more diapers. I finally had to ask a stranger for help.
Atlee had two cavities; Ian and Brody had none. The kids did great and the staff was so nice to us. Dr. Owens in Columbia, Tn is amazing with Brody. We are so pleased. Brody lost his two bottom teeth and we did not even know it. I felt bad. He has had two surgeries and had twelve teeth crowned and we just didn't realize that the bottom two were gone.
We made it back to school in time to eat lunch and I had to go back to work. My step dad babysat for the first time tonight and saw his first tantrum. It freaked him out a little, but he survived. He didn't sign up for diaper changing though.
At the end of the day, we are all well.


Sarah said...

Wow, sounds like quite a day. I admire how you seem to take it all in stride!

Anonymous said...

Matthew loses teeth all the time and we don't know it. I hate that but it's how it goes. He never has cavities either but I think it's because he drools so much. this kid is a drool machine! There is no time for stuff to stick around in that mouth.

Hopefully today it will be a little less hectic for you guys.

Sarah said...

Is losing teeth a fragile x thing? Because your kids are older, these are adult teeth, right? And Quinn is a drool machine, too, but I thought that's cause he was a little guy - I guess we will be having drool for quite awhile.

brody's mom said...

These were capped baby teeth. Brody has had two dental surgeries and 12 teeth capped. He had never had anything to eat and only powdered milk to drink when we adopted him at 22 months old. Brody is now 5 and 1/2.