Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Griffin Adventures take on Disney World 2016

 Before we left town, we visited with PaPa Jim at his assisted living home. He has dementia so we visit for us now more than we visit for him. We took him his gift and I think he was looking for the peanuts I always get him. Oops. I forgot. I will make it up to him. We plan on driving all day and getting as close as possible to Orlando. I will keep you posted on here about our journey. 

We went by nanny's house to see her before we left. I think she should have come with us:) I cut and colored her hair this week and I think she likes it! 

We are loaded down and ready to take on four parks this Christmas. The fifth day we will go back to our favorite park. We have never been. Two years ago a friend gave us a ten day trip and we took Brody. We made it to the gate and he grabbed a girl by the hair. It was not good. Security held us for two hours and it proved to break us. We left, got our money back and drove to the coast. 

As soon as we put it in park, Bubba got a phone call that his mom had cancer. We drove back to TN that night and started another journey. We lost her in February of the year. Needless to say, we are ready to try this again. Prayers have been said and we are off. 

Atlee is the photographer, Ian is the videographer , Bubba is the iPhone specialist and I am the writer. Well, we will see. 

I hope you enjoy our adventures!
 Here we go....

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