Sunday, August 21, 2016


Dear friends, 
I'm sorry I haven't written and given you an ACHALASIA update. I had surgery for the fourth time since October to try and eat properly on Friday. It appears as though I am either allergic to Botox or anesthesia. Last time my lip was numb for 17 days and we dismissed it. This time my face, neck and upper back has a type of hemorrhage under the skin that looks like a rash. My eyes are jaundiced and bloodshot and I have had a small headache and general pressure feeling. Thankfully it is not a rash that itches. I told the doctor it feels as though I have done 1000 sit-ups but otherwise, I am in no pain to speak of just discomfort.  That is to be expected from injecting Botox into my esophagus. I had the procedure done in Birmingham but spent the day with Dr. Christianson at Marshall South yesterday. He took excellent care of me and could only find one documented case of what appeared to be happening to me.  It is hard to rest so I am up writing to you my friends. I would appreciate your prayers for me and everyone who suffers from ACHALASIA. My sweet Ian asked why God allowed ACHALASIA to happen to me and my answer is always, "Why not me?" With friends and family support, we are beating this together. Thanks for all the milkshakes, soup and ice cream you have delivered throughout this journey. Chocolate seems to go down too! #luckyme #blessedwithfriendsandfamily #ineverythingpraiseHim

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