Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crocs and Socks.......The Tale of the Two Love Trunks.

Dear friends and family,
We visited Brody for the first time in a month yesterday......As we approached the school, I was both anxious and excited.  We had a PCIP meeting for the first 45 minutes or so and then Brody came in to see us.  He walked and stopped at the door for just a second and then went and stood in the corner facing away from us.  His behavior therapist said that was surprising but not to take it personal.  After a few minutes he turned around with the biggest grin on his face and smiled beautifully at us as he was signing SOUP.  We all got tickled as that was what we predicted he would do.  He had is I-pad but gave it up when we went to the gym to ride a bicycle.  He rode for a while and then asked his aide to ride while he watched.  We observed two different aides with Brody yesterday and they were both wonderful.
We followed him to his behavior therapy teachers office watched as he sat down to use the restroom.  It was amazing.  Still no I-pad and then after he voided he got his I-pad and sat for 5 more minutes.  We then went back to the gym and rode the bike some more and that is where we told him by. He acknowledged a little and then we noticed later that he just sat down next to the wall where we left him.  I like to think that he was happy that we didn't take him with us.  He seems so happy there.
I am happy for him.  Sweet but sad moments of life......

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