Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve....

Dear friends and family,
As I sit here waiting on 7520 pictures/videos and a new movie to load on Brody's old I-pad for his Christmas present, I am reflecting on the most important gift we can every give anyone.....TIME. I watch all the hustle and bustle at the stores for last minute shopping when in reality, our children really just want us to spend time with them.  When we had Christmas breakfast this morning I asked Ian and Atlee for just a minute so that I could spend time with Mom and Jim.  They forget that I am a child too.  Sometimes I just want to spend a minute away from parenting and just be a child.

That is what these Griffin Adventures have been about this whole time........learning to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter......learning to say no to someone/something means I can say yes to others.  Figuring out a healthy balance is the key.

As for Brody.....
We are so blessed that clear tape holds the I-pad together for another adventure in our life.  We found headphones on sale this Christmas as he goes through at least one pair a month.  We got him Cinderella sheets and a pillow only to find out that he has a new love.  We were just a step behind.  He now is crazy about Princess and a Frog.  My friend Susan is making a weighted blanket for him out of that fabric.  He will LOVE it!

Ian.....still lots of LEGO'S and the ever surprising colored jeans and fashion jewelry.
Atlee......decorated her room with new pillows and a comforter and a great new bicycle.
Bubba and Wendy.....he finally got that filet knife he needed for fishing while I go kayaking!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours this holiday season and please remember to take time out for yourselves and others.

Love to all,

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