Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brody's Christmas List.....

Dear friends and family,
Recently it was brought to my attention that some of my friends that are educators and doctors didn't realize that a child with a disability doesn't automatically qualify for support of some kind. 
We are solely responsible for all of Brody's care. His diapers, wipes, special food, favorite drinks, iPad, headphones, etc... are all our expense. His respite is virtually nonexistent yet his circle of friends is HUGE! We are so thankful for all our little miracles.
Just this week we bought the gifts for his classmates Christmas party and opened the mail and had a check for almost the same amount to us for Christmas:)
The medication that we prayed for $2200/month, insurance finally covered it and we get it for $25! Its either an overpayment refund or a Pentecostal handshake that makes up the  difference for Brody.  Everyday we see God's hand at work in our life. Thank you for being our friends and if you get the opportunity, extend a hand to that parent with a special needs child. God bless you and yours.... 

Merry Christmas. 

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