Friday, August 2, 2013

Romance is in the air....

Dear friends and family,
Atlee and her sweet friend Chris have had the best week.  He told her that she was the nicest person that he had ever met.  That has made her summer.  They have developed a beautiful friendship and I am so happy for her.  He is from Mississippi and his dad lives close to us at the camper.  What memories their friendship will make for her!
Ian on the other hand has lost his best friend.  Our neighbors have moved as of August and he is SAD!  We turned back on the TV as a consolation prize.  We have had it and the internet off for the summer, which has been great for our family. 
Brody is doing great and we will begin the transition process this next week.  We will have to wean away from the Ipad.  He has been perfect this summer with only a few exceptions.  
Always keep us in your prayers,

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