Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dear friends and family,
Today I would ask you to pray for a special friend of ours.  His name is Jim and he is an amazing man.  He has just found out that he has two aneurysms and four blockages in his heart. They have sent him home from the hospital and he has asked us to pray.  I am believing in God for a miracle.
He is deserving and also his wife needs our prayers as her health is not well either.
.......and while you are praying, please lift our family up in your prayers.  It is getting harder on Ian and Atlee with Brody's disability.  They are having less patience with him and wondering why we even adopted him.  Please pray for Brody a MIRACLE and for our other children to have compassion for Brody.  Pray for me and Bubba to have continued good health so we can take care of the children. 

In Jesus name, AMEN.

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