Friday, July 5, 2013


Dear friends and family,
After thinking about my post yesterday, I decided to delete it.  We are happy to make a life that envelops Brody, Ian and Atlee.  I am so thankful for a family that loves each other and is happy spending time together.  I think most people are afraid of Brody or the "unexpected".  We have a ton of great friends and are always welcomed into their homes.  I always go fully prepared but it does take a lot of effort.  He might pee on your furniture, break a necklace, pull your hair, wet your bed, get food everywhere or he might just make you feel blessed. 

Just yesterday someone came by the camper and asked me if we had ever considered Brody to be an angel. You know, I think so.  I think his gentle spirit is 90% of the time and the challenged little boy is only 10% of the time.  Communication is the key and we are working that out.  It would be nice to not work and stay at home caring for him and teaching him but that is not an option.  Ian and Atlee are well rounded and quite capable of helping us with him when it is needed.  We never ask them to do anything that we wouldn't do ourselves.  So far, they are glad to help him.  They love their brother.  Occasionally Ian will ask for a regular brother, one that can talk. 

He asked one time why Brody never had been given a miracle that we had prayed for and I found out from a friend that "we" were his miracle.  Without the love of our family, Brody might not be here today.  I told Ian that we didn't think that Brody was to receive his miracle this side of heaven but that Ian was his miracle.  Just having him for a brother was a miracle in itself. 

Brody is wonderful and affectionate  most of the time.  We have a lot of good times together; I just haven't gotten to unpack the diaper bag!  We keep our van loaded with pillows, blankets, progresso soup, powerade, diapers, wipes, grocery sacks, gloves, ipad chargers, etc.  He has broken his second ipad now and we are watching it with a crack in it.  Pray it stays that way.  It has truly been a miracle. 

Business is amazing at Lucky Buck Jewelry and we thank you for that.  Pray please that God's will be done in our business.  We are getting a new tent and an enclosed cargo trailer this week.  Every successful show we build back up.  We got invited to put LBJ in a store in Tuscumbia.  How cool is that?

Blessings to all,
This is an old photo of Brody and Millo, his service dog that passed away. 

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