Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday!

Dear Friends and Family,
Life is so good.  We began The Griffin Adventures almost three years ago.  It is almost hard to believe.....
Lucky Buck Jewelry has had an amazing beginning in 2013.  We are shipping packages everyday!  Thank you for all your support.  Things have changed so much that now if you have a pay pal account you can message us right off of Facebook and pay through our email  How cool is that?
We have had orders from our website as well and so we are beginning to load more and more merchandise on there. Our one of a kinds are mostly in house and at our shows.  If you would like to have a trunk show at your home, please message us for dates available. 
Our next event is Art on the Lake here in Guntersville next weekend.  I will be at a ladies prayer meeting on Saturday but will be able to be there on Sunday. Bubba will be a selling machine.  Come see us and hopefully we will win People's Choice Award again this year.  The following month is Tennessee is the Bark at the Park in Lewisburg, TN(our hometown) to benefit the local animal shelter.  We hope to see all our old friends there. 
In June, we will be at the Helen Keller Festival in Tuscumbia.  It was a great event last year.  We also get to see some of my best friends who live close. 
In July and August we are still tossing around some ideas but September we hope to be at Stone Mountain Park at the Yellow Daisy Festival. 

The kids are all doing well.  Ian has been bringing home A's!  What a difference a young attractive tutor makes in math!  Atlee is a tutor for a new friend from Japan at school. That is quite an honor and she is proud to help her. Brody is doing pretty good at school but he still prefers home with me:).  He is quite addicted to his ipad and to the headphones.  He still love chicken soup and spaghetti oh's.  He also picked out funyuns at the grocery store. Who knew?
His birthday is coming up and if you would like to bless us, we are always appreciative.  He is expensive.

Progresso chicken soup/oyster crackers
Spaghetti Oh's
GoodNites L-XL
Latex free gloves
Gummy bears
Snack bars
Headphones/no ear buds...he eats them
Small mirrors(reflect to watch movie upside down)

As always, keep us in your prayers and lift us up as we raise our beautiful children in a world full of sin. Please bathe them in prayer so that they may always walk with the Lord.

Blessings in a Backpack is doing GREAT!  We are almost done and looking for the perfect fundraiser.  Let me know if you have the answer.

Blessings to you and yours,

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