Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brody's sweet success.....

Dear Friends and Family,
Our sweet Brody is doing great but it is with much sadness that I write today.  Brody has been recommended for residential placement for education at the point someday where the Guntersville school system can no longer educate him.  The expected waiting list is 2-6 years with 8000 children ahead of him.  They are just jump starting in case that the day comes where it is overwhelming. 

We toured a facility on Monday and WOW!  It has been our goal to keep Brody from being invisible to maintain his status as a member of the community.  After seeing these beautiful children "tucked away" in a rural setting in Alabama, it has been hard to look away.  I want so much to make a difference in their lives even if it is just saying an extra prayer for them.  Please add these 33 children and young adults that we met in your heart and prayers. 

There are some that no longer have visitors....

The staff was warm and sincere as well as professional and courteous.  We were welcomed and appreciated.  To send Brody away to school would be a form of regression that we are not ready to do at this point.  Even a coat of fresh paint would have made a difference in the school.  It was so tired.....

Never once have we been told that there wasn't enough money to educate Ian and Atlee but every year at every meeting we are told that there isn't enough money to educate Brody.  Even at this facility they said, "there is no money".  They have all their basic needs met and a few extras but nothing like you and I have it.

This Valentine's Day please consider cutting out a heart and writing Brody's name on it and remember us in prayer as we know God made him and knows what is best for him.  He has truly been a gift for us and our family.  Ian, Brody and Atlee are the best children we could have ever asked for.

God Bless You and Yours and may you have the best Valentine's Day ever!
Bubba and Wendy

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