Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Griffin Adventures......August

Dear friends and family,

We are ecstatic about the new school year starting as Brody will be at the age appropriate school with Ian and Atlee.  They will all be fourth graders this year.  We are so excited because children with Fragile X learn incidentally and imitatively.  It will help for him to be with his peers and learn from them.  It also fulfills our commitment to "keep Brody from being invisible."  We have always said the Brody was a child first then a child with a disability.  It is so encouraging to us to be out in the community and for someone to say, "oh, that is Brody or Hi Brody". 

Ian is Brody's caregiver now and Atlee wants Brody to live with her when they are older.  The other night when I had reached my maximum patience, Ian took over and asked if there was anything he could do for Brody.  I asked him to tuck him in and say his prayers.  It was so sweet.  It sort of fills up your love tank. 

We went fishing this week on a friends boat and Brody loved it when we were running BUT not when we stopped.  Our friend learned to gradually slow the boat down and then Brody did great when it stopped.  It was an amazing time with the kids as Atlee caught most of the fish. We cleaned them and cooked them that night.  I think Ian likes store bought "fish sticks" better.  LOL

Atlee is taking guitar lessons and is singing all of her free time away!  She is really good and we are so proud of her.  Ian is still into LEGOS and loving it.  He wants to be an engineer for LEGO.  Atlee has already told us when she gets famous that she will buy us a big house again.  Sweet girl.  I hope she does become famous but I want to be with her on the famous trail so I guess we will settle for a great RV! 
Happy Anniversary to Bubba on September 8th!  It has been an amazing 11 years!
 This is Rick Guidotti who took Brody's pictures at the International Fragile X Conference in Miami.
 Guitar string earrings that Bubba makes.
 Family fun day with Brody watching from the side. 
 Sabrina's two beautiful children Madison and Emerson.
 Ian's cool do for school.
 Brody and his first love.....the Ipad.
 Atlee and her Nanny on the way to cowboy church.
 Brody's first time to ride the escalators.
Mom and Jim are well and I ask you to keep them in your prayers for continued good health.  Ma Baker and Betty hold a special place in our hearts and we have been so blessed to have them a part of our adventures.   Fred and Sabrina are doing great and making us so proud.  Madison, Emerson and Logan are growing so fast.  We love them so much.  Jacob is an ALL STAR and going to be the next "Bubba" baseball hero.  Good job Jacob.  We love our family and miss everyone.  Life is good here in Alabama.  I would love to say to everyone, SLOW DOWN and go fishing once in a while. 


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