Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sign language...

Dear friends,
This week we had beautiful weather and we went to the walking trail with the kids. It was 82 degrees here. They absolutely loved it and so did Millo. We did not tether Brody to Millo and took him on a leash. Brody walked independently about a half of a mile. WOW! We were so pleased. Tethered to Millo I am sure that he would have gone farther, but we were tickled. He doesn't have the physical endurance yet to take him the whole way. He actually got excited and ran a little.
Afterwards we went to a friends' restaurant that is about to open. When he turned on the music in surround sound, Brody looked at me and signed "music" for the first time. Later he turned on a huge TV projector and Brody signed "happy" for the first time. It was awesome. They are teaching him pecs in school, but I think sign language is best. He gets confused on pec cards, but we are still doing total communication.
We just did an assessment at school for Brody and determined tentatively that he was multi-handicapped because he has FX, Autism, ADHD, hearing and vision loss and several other small things. They just need a place to put him and just FX cannot fall under "other health impaired" anymore. We will have an IEP within 40 days to decide on next year, determine his placement, summer school options, and curriculum for next year.
His party is well on the way with several more sponsors and silent auction items. Thank you to everyone. Vanderbilt has called and we may do a voice only interview with them about research and development of new medicines. Either us or a new friend of ours will do it. I will keep you posted. Until then ......bless you.


Sarah said...

Go Brody on walking so much and signing! Yeah! We are using total communication, too, but I also think signs are best. And we always have our hands with us and don't have to search under the couch for chewed up cards.

brody's mom said...

I feel the same way. We prefer sign but they say if Brody ever goes to a restaurant that a card would be better. I don't understand that because we are always with him and will order for him.