Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 2012 if you can believe it...

Dear friends and family,
We have had such a great April and are looking forward to May.  Bubba has a show in Springville, Alabama this weekend at Homestead Hollow.  He is keeping his new jewelry pieces a secret from me so I won't sell them beforehand.  We just sent his work to South Carolina for an art gallery there named Creative Soul.  Twenty minutes ago a lady from Arab, Alabama who has a store wanted to have Bubba put his jewelry in his store.  WOW!  We are so blessed and Lucky Buck Jewelry is on top.  After receiving the award for People's Choice at Art on the Lake, Lucky Buck Jewelry has just boomed even more.  I am so proud of Bubba and the beautiful jewelry he makes. This is a photo of the guitar string earrings he makes.  He can't make them fast enough.  The top picture is Brody riding a horse that he requested to do in sign language.  So cool!

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