Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Griffin Adventures, Chapter 3

Dear friends and family,
What a wonderful start to a new year. We have been so blessed and amazed at what God had/has in store for us. We have so much enjoyed making a difference in the lives of our children with the extra time we have created for them.
Christmas was a success with Atlee only asking for two toys and Ian only three. We had a wonderful time at the beach and only wished for more time! I got a much needed pedicure and enjoyed every minute of it.
We have great news! Bubba got a job and he loves it. We are adjusting to the new schedule and making every minute count. He got some new boots today and I hope his feet are happy.The kids have been out of school all week with 6 inches of snow and will go back on Tuesday. They have had a wonderful break. We built an igloo and a snowman. Fun Fun!
Bless you,

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