Sunday, October 3, 2010

No one could have prepared us......

Dear friends and family,
No one could have prepared us for the FUN we would be having in our new adventures; and on the same hand no one could have prepared us for the "adventures". The fun times are just that, things that money can't buy and only more time with your family will allow.

It has NOT been hard to give up "stuff", ie. clothes, shoes, purses, movies, shopping at the mall, because we have replaced it with meals together at the dinner table, playing UNO almost every night with the kids, taking walks in the afternoon with the whole family, and going fishing for supper. The hard part has been the unexpected, the eyeglasses because I failed my driver's test $200 from the sale table, the a/c unit going out $850, the last tax payment for CW Cuts $500, the broken crown $900?(can't get fixed), Millo hurt $priceless(can't go to the vet), new stroller for Brody $1500(have borrowed a wheelchair to make do), no insurance, and so many more.

How do we do it? How do we have time with the family and be able to afford life. Our new Doctor called it an "experiment" and I believe him. There is no book for situations like this and who do we ask? There is no more "date night" and no more respite for Brody except at church and then sometimes you feel like it is a burden for those who help.

How do you follow your dreams for your life and live out God's calling on your life except through faith. It is with FAITH that we believe that our purpose will continue strong even through tough times like these and only build us up. Please continue to pray God's blessings on our family and complete healing for both Brody and Millo. We are pioneers in this type of lifestyle change and I know that we will be richly blessed by it.


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