Monday, October 11, 2010

A Great Weekend!

Dear friends and family,
Brody had a great weekend at Goats, Music and More Festival in Tennessee. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing our friends and family at the event and SOLD lots of Lucky Buck Jewelry. Brody loved his new push chair and even fell asleep in it one night. Millo, Brody's service dog was a hit and once again Sister Schubert rolls was a sponsor as well as Bud's Best Cookies. We baked the rolls all day and served them to the guests and handed out cookies to the kids. Our friends Leslie and Skip made over 200 buttons that were given away to people that said "FX Who's Brody?". Everyone wanted one and we got over $65 in donations and $20 for the National Fragile X Foundation. Every little bit helps and we are so grateful.
Tomorrow is my birthday and it is back to work for me. Thanks for all your prayers and just to let you know my husband Bubba has been asked to be on exhibit at the Mountain Valley Arts Council here in Guntersville for a whole month towards the holidays. Woo Hoo!
Wendy and Bubba

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