Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear friends and family,
These are our fall school pictures, our buttons for the Goats, Music and More festival this weekend in Tennessee, my boys waiting on the bus, all 200 of the buttons, and a picture of what our booth looks like set up. I hope that you will come and support us and help us to help Brody. Thank you for all your sincere prayers and support.
This morning Ian said, "Dear Lord, please please please please let Brody have a voice." That can be taken two ways; one that he could actually speak and another that his campaign and testimony "Who's Brody?" could make a difference.
Bud's Best is again sponsoring us with cookies for the event and Sister Schubert once again making a donation to the cause. We are so grateful for them both and look forward to sharing cookies and breakfast rolls with you. Come see us because we also have T shirts and more to give away.
Our friends Leslie and Skip Bondur will be there with their ministry selling "My God is yummy" shirts and alot of other really cool stuff at booths 93 and 94.
Talk to you soon,

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