Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor day weekend will long be remembered....

Dear friends and family,
This is the week that we started Brody on his first medicine. We are using a compounding pharmacy named Bishop's in Scant City, Alabama and our doctor is Dr. Packard. I want to thank both of them for their efforts as this is an emotional and trying time for our family. So far it is wonderful and we are pleased. School called yesterday and said it was his best day ever.
Because of Brody's fear of doctors and medicine, we are putting it on like lotion on his wrists and he tolerates it wonderfully. Thank you Dr. Packard and Bishops Pharmacy. I do a little lotion all over and then apply the medicine and he never knew the difference.
We have loved it here in Alabama and everything is continuing to look up for Brody. We have our IEP on Tuesday, so please keep our family in your prayers.


Umma said...

I've never heard of delivering meds that way, how fantastic! I hope things continue to go so well. I know it's a hard decision to put them on meds, we've just started this process ourselves this year and it's not easy. Best of luck!

brody's mom said...

It is going well, I just rub ot on his wrists and he doesn't mind it at all.

Sarah B. said...

Dear Wendy & Bubba,

We love you guys very much, and you are always in our prayers. I am so glad you have so many people helping you do what is best for Brody.

With love,
Sarah & family