Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Griffin Adventures in Guntersville, Alabama

Dear friends,
What a great summer we have had! Life is an adventure to be lived everyday. This is bound to be the richest we have ever been as a family. When we are at a financial low from starting over and building my business at Darlene's Salon and Day Spa, we are at an ALL TIME HIGH. Bubba is making Lucky Buck Jewelry for the September event in Scottsboro called First Monday. He and Nanny are a tag team when it comes to supplies. If we don't have it, she does and if she doesn't have it, we do!
We have been asked by school and the bus to bring extra snacks for Brody. We have been creative at home and this week the Spaghetti Oh's are half price at Piggly Wiggly. Woo Hoo!
The Church at Lake Guntersville has been more than welcoming to us and now Brody has his own room. We are to bring snacks, drinks and supplies to stock it instead of bring a bag every week. What a blessing...
We will be in Tennessee for the Goats, Music and More Festival the second weekend in October. It should prove to be a wonderful event and we are excited to see our friends.
Our new home is awesome and we are enjoying living across the street from the water. We have a bedroom for everyone and Millo is adjusting there. He has had the hardest time with the steps because they don't have carpet. His friends just moved in to Albertville and their names are Shorty and Daisy. They are my mom's dogs that moved here from Tennessee.
Please keep us in your prayers and I will write soon.

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