Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring vacation is over and what a blast we had!

Dear friends and family,

We had such a good time on vacation at Henry Horton Park. We took our camper and had a great time! We played games, baseball, ate good food and had fellowship with friends. We had our pastor and his wife over for breakfast(our favorite meal camping), and Deanna and Timmy for BBQ one night. Our friends Stacey and Rob with their kids came by to see us and it all made for a perfect trip. We visited with Cindy and her girls at the beginning of the week and they spent the night with us. Can you imagine 5 children, a service dog and us in a camper? The kids couldn't have been better and Brody was well adjusted the whole trip.

Our oldest son Fred and his wife Martie came and stayed one night for the campfire adventure. We couldn't have had more fun. The little ones call him "Freddie". I was widowed from his dad in 2001 and he and his sister had decided to call me and Bubba parents. Isn't that awesome? Ian and Atlee are so happy to have another brother and sister. When they are old enough I will tell them how it came about.

Because the camper was Brody's "space" and not a hotel, we got settled in quick. We took his net swing and had his dinosaur for him. We introduced several new sign language words and he did great. "Swing" he has down pat. He really loved playing baseball at the park. Millo did an incredible job taking care of him while we played. He is an awesome service dog...

I am enclosing some new pictures and a video.

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the other lion said...

Oh, it looks so fun! I need to go camping now.