Monday, November 10, 2008

Camping at Henry Horton Park

Dear friends and family,
This weekend we celebrated my brother's birthday at Henry Horton Park. We took our camper down and enjoyed the weekend. Brody takes about 5 hours to adjust to a hotel room as it is not his environment. At that point, we decided to purchase a camper. Now we can travel and no problem for Brody. Millo is also very welcome at any campground and everyone is interested in a service dog. We met some wonderful people, Michael and Lara Jones and their children. They are called to New Zealand to do missionary work and I would ask that you include them in your prayers. Fragile X is something that we are called to advocate for and that is our mission. We are so grateful to have Brody and his brother and sister. We often get to share our story about adoption and we are so truly blessed by it with Ian and Atlee.

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Anonymous said...

A camper is a must have for Matty too!! :) We don't have one but we get to use my mom and dad's whenever we need to.