Sunday, November 2, 2008

25 year reunion

Dear friends,
We had a great weekend visiting with friends. Six of us from high school reunited at J. Alexander's and BB Kings for a great meal and dancing. Brody is the youngest of all our children and I shared his story with all of them.
I have a great photo from Vanderbilt that I want to share with you. It was taken in our yard and the article was referred to in one of my previous blogs. Millo has truly been a blessing for Brody. Today I let them go together untethered out in the yard to play. Brody has a "best friend" in Millo. Watching them laugh, run and play together will truly bless your heart. We had prayer for him in church this morning. We go to Potter's House and they were very sweet to lift him up with prayer for a miracle. Brody does not have any insurance because of his disability. We have been turned down by four insurance companies now and are waiting to apply for Cover Kids. God is so good to us and even though Brody has been sick and run fever this weekend, he is better now.
We started a new tradition of Frito chili pies and a bonfire at our house on Halloween night. We had a few friends and family and had so much fun with the kids. Brody loves a bonfire, and he will sit for hours.
I have so many more pictures to share with you from his CDC classroom Halloween party and other Oak Grove photos. All three of our children had a blast this trick or treat season. Ian was Indiana Jones, Atlee was a pretty witch(at her acknowledgement) and Brody wore a pumpkin shirt. I was both a M&M and a clown. Bubba was "Bubba".
Now let me share the pictures......

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