Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our summer vacation.

     This trip was one of a lifetime!!!! The Griffin Adventures started in December of 2002 when we received pictures of babies that would later be named Ian and Atlee. Ian came home at 15 months old in March of 2004 and Atlee came home in August of 2005 at 34 months old. We would be blessed inbetween with Brody who came home in March of 2005 at 22 months old. He came home with a diagnosis of Autism and would later add Fragile X, ADHD, hearing loss, vision loss and SPD to the list. We learned a lot about life while raising Brody. He moved to a group home when he was 12 in September of 2015. He has excelled and seems to love his life. He enjoys skypeing twice a week and our every two week visits. I continue to cut his hair and trim his fingernails. Even though he is non-verbal, he has never once suggested he wanted to come home with us. At first it was hard to understand, but now I get it. He thrives better in a routine with changing players rather than a changing routine and the same players. Because of his happiness, Ian and Atlee have been blessed abundantly. We no longer have to go through drive throughs, we get to eat inside. We no longer have to go places just with one parent, we all four are experiencing new things. Meanwhile Brody is happier than he has ever been. So if our Griffin Adventures seem a little over the top, please know that Ian and Atlee have "lived" more in their 14 years as a sibling to Brody than most do in a lifetime. He has taught us so much.  We are ALL better for knowing and loving him and having him in our lives.  

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