Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Health and Wellness

Dear friends and family,
Please be in prayer for our extended family. December has been a tough month.......

This is from my friend Jennifer...

God is not a sweep-up boy who follows you with a dustpan and brush, second-guessing how everything will fit into a divine pattern for good. He does not put on a hazmat suit so that an evil situation doesn't contaminate His holy reputation.  


Think of disappointing or bad things that have happened to you. God's hands stay on the wheel of your life from start to finish so that everything follows His intention for your life. This means your trials have more meaning--much more--than you realize. Your problems have more purpose than you can imagine. Not because God merely used bad things, but because God intended them so that others might be brought to Jesus through your example.


Lord God, I praise You that Your intentions in my life are always good. Every 'accident' happens so that somehow, someway others might be introduced to the Savior through me.


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