Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear friends,
Monday was a day that I had been anticipating now for 22 years.  A friendship was restored for both Bubba and me.  I was being a little selfish hoping that mine could be like it once but once I saw what the relationship was between the men, my heart was broken.  I realized that it was about them.  They had such a strong friendship  and to see it restored was breathtaking.  God is good all the time and it is always in his timing. Bubba and I both cried with tears of joy and can't wait to see what is in store for our friendship.
We had a wonderful show at the Arsenal and can't wait to be invited again.  One day shows are great for us with the children.  Homestead Hollow was the best show we have ever had there.  Praises!
We are going back in October on my birthday weekend and Papa Jim and Mom are taking the chuckwagon too.  They are so excited!  Looks like I will spend every Mother's Day and birthday with Homestead Hollow.  We had fans come from our Lucky Buck Facebook page as much as two hours away.  It was very cool to see Bubba so successful.  He is coming in to his own.  Lucky Buck Jewelry has arrived and it feels good.  More like work now, but GREAT!
Brody has been having a very difficult time adjusting lately.  I am looking forward to the summer to let him ride his bike and go to the game room at the camper.  He is a great kid and just needs routine.  Mountain Lakes Resort will be our home for the summer.  We love it there.  We get to ride bikes, swim, fish and they even have ice cream available in a cone at the restaurant. 
Curls and Pearls has been doing great and we have been blessed.  I will load some pictures soon of what's been going on.

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