Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet Brody....

One of my favorites...

Reach for the stars...

Me as the model....

Like the butterfly? or the watermelon?

Dear friends and family,

It doesn't take much to make me happy. Today Brody got down the chips, handed them to me and then walked me over to the fridge for the salsa. It was so cool that he "paired" them together. We have always tried to get him to match items together, should have known some of the firsts would be food.

Bubba is working hard on his Lucky Buck Jewelry for the Albertville Main Street Festival coming up on August 6th. He has some beautiful things and I know you will love them! My favorite so far is going to be the one with African trade beads. We have a lot of turquoise to choose from this collection also. Be first to be one of the first ones there to get your favorites before they are gone.

My boss announced last Wednesday that she is ready to sell her salon and so now we start another journey. God has been with us the whole way so we will continue to count on his blessings. I know that there will be a perfect spot for me to call home and hopefully it will find me. I sell Lucky Buck Jewelry where I work as well and I will need a space for my cabinet. Can I ask for your prayers please?

I am including some new pictures of his work that make up Lucky Buck Jewelry.



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