Monday, February 14, 2011

Time to buy fishing license....

Dear friends and family,
We had a beautiful day today and boy that makes me want to go fishing! We had a great Valentine's Day today enjoying the weather. Atlee got her first Tiger Beat magazine and Ian got a toy named twoface. Brody got some gummi bears which Atlee ate. That girl! Ian and Atlee got gum (which they love) and I got a blackboard coffee mug. So cute! I got Bubba a book about Guntersville and for the family we got over 600 pictures developed.
We are seeing Papa Jim and Nanny tomorrow for his 70th birthday! What a big event and we are excited to eat pizza with them. My brother is coming down this weekend and they will be dutch oven cooking together in Cullman, Alabama. All is well in our little world. Bubba and I have coffee duty at church next weekend and we are happy to be involved in that ministry. Every week we also help with the Blessings in a Backpack. Bubba and I pick up the totes and I also help pack them for the children. We are blessed beyond measure. Thank you Guntersville.

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