Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Millo January 1, 2007 - January 23, 2011

Dear friends and family,
On Sunday we lost our service dog Millo. He did an outstanding job of service to our son Brody who has Fragile X and Autism among other things. We only had him for a little over three years but he forever shaped our lives and the lives that our team "Brody and Millo" touched. There is a brick paver in Lewisburg, Tn with Brody and Millo on it and he will forever be remembered in our hearts.
Bubba was his master and Brody was his charge. It took a full year to get Brody to touch him and three years for Brody to allow Millo to lay his head and feet on him. One of the last acts of service to Brody was for Millo to "hug" him in the van with one paw in front of him and one behind him with his head in his lap. This was a sort of occupational therapy for Brody.
On our last day with Millo I asked Brody to come here for a minute and my goal was to get one last picture but instead Brody caressed Millo from head to toe as if to say goodbye. It was the most sincere affection he had ever shown his dog and one to be remembered. We have very few best friends in life and Millo was truly Brody's best friend.
My prayer someday is for Brody to have another best friend in life. Right now his brother Ian has stepped up to the plate and said that he would take care of Brody. Atlee has written a sweet letter about Millo and Ian has written in his journal both in hopes of shedding some of the grief they share with Brody.
Thank you for your support and kindness shown in the loss of our loved one. He never gave up and had dedicated his life to serve our family and we are forever grateful to Millo.
Thank you Lord for blessing us.

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len said...

This touched me so...I'm a Special Ed. grad student and I happened across your blog. Truly look forward to reading and learning more from you and your beautiful family!